I create art to inspire other people to create art. 

I'm most inspired by:

Sheila Hicks

Bob Ross

Salvador Dali

Ai Weiwei

a curious assortment right?

Well, Sheila Hicks is a fiber goddess who no doubt dealt with some real shit as a woman in the art world working in fiber for the past 60 something years.

Bob Ross for his ability and desire to usurp the elitism of the art world in order to make art accessible, to inspire all people to believe in themselves as artists and for being so damn lovable and engaging. 

Salvador Dali for his incredible talent but mostly for his marketing genius. That man knew how to create a personal brand and use it to get the attention his work deserved. Plus, that mustache. 

Ai Weiwei for his unapologetic artistic activism.

My aesthetic is simply that I have no particular aesthetic. I like to try something new every time I create something and I hate to repeat myself. 

I consider myself a community organizer and instigator disguised as a fiber artist. I want everything I do to inspire action, movement, community, and civic engagement.  I love teaching others how to create and my goal is to teach 1 million people to embroider before I die.  I am the happiest when I am making things and I want to learn how to do ALL THE THINGS. 

My community is my strength and my art exists to serve them. I love suggestions and ideas and projects that can take on a life of their own and that everyone can contribute to and grow and connect from. So let's come up with some stuff together, eh?!

I hate unfinished pieces. They make me sad. I buy them up at yard, estate and rummage sales and finish them. That makes me happy. It is especially important to me to do that when I find one at the estate sale of someone who has passed. I feel like their soul can't possibly rest with an unfinished piece of art out there. I'm projecting. I know and I don't care. 

A life goal is to turn out some super seriously in-depth embroidery books so that someday someone goes to an estate sale and finds my book and loses their shit with excitement about the "gem they just found" the way that I do anytime I score an old embroidery book at an estate sale. ; ) 

You can chat me up on Twitter + Instagram anytime. 

I want to talk to you. 

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