I have a BS in Anthropology + a MS in Leisure Studies (yes that is a real thing).

I spend absurd amounts of time trying to understand cultural patterns specifically around how people define work, what they consider leisure and how our cultural values and priorities are being shaped by the world and tools we create. I even teach classes on this at DePaul.

I own a marketing company and for the past 9 years have helped businesses and organizations figure out how to navigate these new tools and create strategies for creating community and momentum. 

While I used to think that one of our biggest cultural challenge in the US was work/live balance (or however you might describe how you prioritize your values around your time and energy) I now believe that a bigger challenge is emerging that requires illumination and conversation and that is around finding a digital/analog balance.

With that said, Badass Cross Stitch exists to:

Change Shit. Together, we will create a community of people who realize and value the importance of using our hands and creativity to enhance our own quality of life and thereby enhance the quality of life of others. 

Engage. All the time, with everything I’m doing and everyone I interact with. No phoning it in. Ever. 



Utilize the digital tools at my disposal to inspire my community to put down their devices and make something.



Design and create products, patterns, tools and resources to make it easy for my peeps to put down their devices and make something.



Even when it’s hard, I will not let ego get in the way. I am here to engage, support and encourage my community. 


Push Boundaries. 

Playing it safe never changed the world.

Are you with me?

Let’s work together to help create a community that regularly puts down their devices and feeds their souls with creativity, craft, art, invention + making!