A small selection of my more art - less craft pieces (whatever the hell that means) for your viewing pleasure...


Feminist War Flags

In Progress

I'm currently working on a series of feminist war flags.

Step 1: Weave some badass royal feeling textiles

Step 2: Goldwork embroider them 

Step 3: Hand forge iron flag holders

So far I'm about 34 hours in and I'm 1/3rd of the way through step 1 so....this might take a few months. Stay tuned!


Painting with Thread


I've never taken an art class before and I am color blind which means I can't see hues or gradations in most scenarios. Naturally, I wanted to see if I could figure out how to "paint" with thread.

My process: Sketch out the image + scratch out the directionality of the "strokes". Use the color codes of the floss to determine what shades I'm working with and then start "painting". Lastly, send dozens of photos of the piece to my friends to get their input on if my colors are right. I have very patient friends!  



weaving experiment

I wanted to explore weaving with lots of wacky weft materials. These pieces include: fishing line, metal wire, feathers, ribbons and rope. I created a series of four panels, each evoking one of the four elements. I wove it on one really long white warp. Once I split them, I treated them. Fire was painted with acrylics and then beat with charcoal powder so it looks like it went through a fire. Water was dip dyed in indigo to create water line marks. Earth was painted with acrylics and beat with clay. Air was unwoven in parts to create the feel of it being battered by the wind.