Using a Floss Organizer

I just got a great question for a customer: How do you get the thread onto the floss organizer? 

Let me help! 

First, buy this kickass floss organizer from my etsy store (see what I did there? #noshameinmygame) 

The point of a floss organizer like this one is for some whimsy, storage, and organization on your smaller projects. 

So how do you get your floss to neatly stay on your organizer? 


Start with your thread and organizer

Undress your floss ;)

Gently and slowly unravel the floss and begin looping the floss into a circle. 

Keep going until it’s all looped

Take one end and place it on top of your floss organizer like so…

Then bend that top piece over the back side 

Take the opposite end of your thread and drop it through the middle of the hole you just made like this

pull the threads that you just dropped through the hole to tighten:

Tah-dah. Easy breezy. Usually you put 1-2 colors on each hole depending on how many colors you are working with. 

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