Week 15 of the #YearOfStitch: Flower Power

I just made that name up because I couldn’t find a name for it in any of my literature. Call it what you like, this stitch is damn sexy. It can be a filler stitch, stand alone or a border. Boo-yeah.

I’m not sure that it’s super important that you follow my stitch order, it’s simply the order that I think looks best in the end. It is important, however, that you are consistent with whatever order you do end up using. 

Photo time

Follow the illustration above as you go around the circle the first time, laying down your base flower (as seen below). Then start the next go round the circle to complete the flower.

Now I’ll show you how to do the little flowers. I chose to use a different color thread to keep it interesting (and so it felt like a 70′s hippy flower power piece)

For the little ones I just work my way around the circle once versus the dual layers of the big ones. 

Then just create as many as you like! 

I also made one in other colors just for fun.

Hit me up if you have any questions. This one does require you to use the illustration and the photos because it would have been like 100 pictures if I photographed every single move. 

You got this!