Week 18 of the #YearOfStitch : Triple Rice Stitch

Who doesn’t love rice? AmIRight?! 

This stitch made me pay lots of attention. I found that the minute my concentration drifted, I f’d the stitch up. Could just be me but I’m curious how it goes for you. 

I love this stitch as filling but I love it even more as a border. I will show you examples of each. 

Things to consider with this stitch…

Do what feels right. If you don’t like the way I’m suggesting you stitch it then find a rhythm that works for you. My pattern is all about reducing thread waste but maybe that is why I kept f’ing it up. So I leave it to you to figure out your own best flow. In the examples I’m using all 6 threads but as always I invite you to play around with different densities. 

Let’s do this thing. 

And now for the photos:

I started with the base cross stitches (6x6) to map out the border size I wanted

Boom. Border laid out. Now for the triple rice! yum.

I like to do one at a time so my eyes can focus. As you lock them up, you will find that some of the rice stitches (blue stitches) share some of the same holes. 

A lovely border…

Or, a lovely filler stitch

You folks are the best! Don’t forget to use the #YearOfStitch hashtag so we can see your beautiful work.