Week 19 of the #YearOfStitch : Plaited Stitch

Here it is … a blend of my two favorite things: Embroidery + Weaving! I love this stitch. It looks like a perfect little rug. 

I encourage you to play around with density and color on this one. 

The vertical stitches (or warp threads for you weavers out there) are essentially just your basic satin stitch. The closer you put them together, the denser the outcome. Make it as large as you like but make sure your vertical stitches are always in multiples of 3!

Then you weave the horizontal threads in groups of 3 over and under the vertical threads also in groups of 3. 

And now as KNOTB always says, step by step:

Start by making your vertical stitches (satin stitch style) always in multiples of 3

I’m going with 12 vertical stitches

Now we start weaving using a different color thread

You are working in 3′s so you will go over 3 vertical threads, under 3, over 3 and under 3

then go down (staying on the same horizontal line as you came up

move down one hole and bring the needle back up

repeat under, over, under, over like you did with the last thread

then down

back up and repeat one more time (3′s)

Now you flip the script and you will weave over, under, over under for 3 passes

Keep going until you are done! I added a quick border to this one but I hate it so feel free to not do that…

Here are some examples of other looks:

On this one I played with density and it’s my favorite. I put all of the vertical stitches really close together. It made it harder to weave but I like the outcome.