Week 3 of the #YearOfStitch : Fly Stitch

Heyyyy girl hey that’s a pretty fly stitch.

I’m sorry I can’t help myself…with a name like fly stitch how can you?

I’m officially obsessed with this stitch. This week we will learn the most basic of fly stitches and in the coming year we will build on it with all sorts of fancy things so learn it and learn it well. 

We’ll start with the photo tutorial (pay super close attention to step 3 because that’s where your success hinges):


How about an illustration too?


Here’s how it looks when you just stitch as taught:


BUT, after you master the basic version you should start playing around it. Have some fun! See how on the left I started moving the stitches out wide or in close to the “stem”… then I went crazy:

Right?! Get crazy with it people! Perhaps you will also notice that I incorporated our first two stitches into this one…the cross stitch and the backstitch. Ooooooohhhhh Aaaaaahhhhh. 

Happy Stitching My Peeps