Week 30 of the #YearOfStitch : Torocko Stitch

Sorry this is a day late. Chicago had a crazy storm and I was without power yesterday. =/

I’ll make up for it with a super rad stitch that my mum picked out for us! My parents were visiting from Boston last week so I had her select our stitch and the color palette for the multi-color example. I think she did a great job selecting. 

This is a filler or border stitch. You can make it as big as you like based on how much coverage you need. It’s a simple combination of various cross stitches. 

You start with your vertical stitches. Make them as long as you like but be advised that the horizontal stitches run every 6th hole so you will want to plan for that. I like the look of leaving one or two holes excess at the top and bottom. 

Count over six

move on to your horizontal base stitches

count up six

now you have your base

next, you start filling in your boxes with a horizontal cross stitch

finally, work your half cross stitches

here’s how it looks when you use a variety of colors (mums pick!)

Get at it.