Week 32 of the #YearOfStitch : Stick People Stitch

Thanks to one of my Instagram buddies I was inspired to amend the Spring Stitch (which I was sort of indifferent to).  When I posted an example of the Spring Stitch she said, “they sort of look like little people.” Once I saw what she saw, I fell in love. I ended up dropping the lowest cross stitch from the Spring Stitch in order to create this one. 

I’m going to show you how it looks in a singular color as a filler stitch but I think you will find that playing with color to create characters is far more fun. I’m also going to share a pic of the original Spring Stitch so you can see what I did. 

Photo time:

Over 3, Down 12

How cute are they as little people?!

Here is the original spring stitch in one color. You will notice I dropped that lover cross stitch to make it look more like little people. 

I hope you have fun with this one!