Week 50 of the #YearOfStitch : Couching Stitch

Morning humans! Couching is so much fun. It’s super easy to do but you can do sooooo much with it once you get creative. You do work with two threads for this one. The thread you are laying on top of the fabric and then the thread you are using to basically staple the top thread to the fabric. In the illustration, I use two different colors to mark that. 

…and photos:

You start with the thread you are going to be stapling to the top of the fabric

In this case, I know where I want it to end so I’m going to bring that top thread down and tie it off on the backside. However, if you want to make a curved line or just freestyle that shit then allow this thread to stay on top and don’t bring it down through the back until after you have stapled it down in all the ways you want (see final examples below)

Now, start couching with the next thread

simple right?! Now it’s time to play…

For this one I used a piece of quilting cotton and some yarn. I pulled the pink up and then just let it lay on top. I used the blue to staple it down into this shape and when I decided I was done I pushed the pink through to the back and tied it off.

Same here. Just free-styled this one. The black thread just lay on the top and the green staples it down. 

Have fun!!! Only 2 stitches left. =`(