Week 6 of the #YearOfStitch: Knit Stitch

This is fun because it looks like knitting and it’s a super easy stitch to create. There’s definitely a million ways to do this stitch so feel free to do what feels right. If you are using it as a filler you can just stitch rows and rows of W’s versus columns of V’s. 

This stitch is easy to do on an AIDA fabric (seen in the photo tutorial) but I think it looks better on a less structured fabric because it looks a lot more like actual knitting. 

Let’s start with the illustration:


Now for the photo tutorial:


Here’s an example of what it looks like when using a less structured fabric. I used the stitch to create a Christmas tree skirt. I also used the stitch upside down. 


How about as a scarf? ; ) 

Happy Stitching Friends!