#YearOfStitch Bonus Week! : Queen Stitch

I just can’t stop myself. One of our #YearOfStitch friends asked me to please add Queen Stitch to the mix because she was having trouble with it. I can’t say no. This is a tricky stitch. I tried stitching it a few different ways and this stitch is really temperamental. I thought if I started with the backstitches and then wove the vertical stitches through it would simplify the stitch - it did but it also distorted the stitch. This is just one of those stitches that has to be done in a specific way. I’ll talk you through it. 

The photos will help…

Key: Don’t pull this thread taught yet!

The first horizontal stitch is meant to tack down the vertical stitch 

Now you can pull it taught.

Regal right?

So you can use this as a border but I like it as a filler. Here’s how they all tetris together.

Rad right?

Enjoy your bonus!